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Our Organization

At the moment 250 boys and girls live in the community, we believe firmly in the human person's dignity, so we are very interested in generate our own resources  

But also we are realistic and at this time we cannot cover all the necessities of a little bit big family, so we count on with many friendly people and institutions who allow us to live and be hopefully look at the future 


The community of children SACRED FAMILY is an effort of all, based on the love, the faith and the hope in Jesus. 

We believe in a new man, we work trying to make that the dream of our children doesn't die in the intent, together we will be able to achieve it, together we will be able to say... I love you..... world. 


The community this divided in small modules for a certain sex and age range of the children  


Infants' house * Pujllal Huasi * Children from 0 to 5 years 

House of small girls * Santa Dolores * 6 to 9 years 

House of medium girls * Arch Iris * 10 to 16 years 

House of small boys * Luis Miguel * 6 to 9 years 

House of medium boys * Madre Coraje* of 10 to 16 years 

House of Our social insertion *Araceli* from 16 


The first five houses works in the Zapallal community and the last one in Ventanilla (30 minutes from the main community) because here is where the children should go out of the community and fit into the society 


In each module is a person that accompanies them the whole day this person is called the "educator", she is something like a mother or father substitute, we also have a social assistant , two psychologists and a support personnel for each module. 


The community has also teachers for the workshops in charge of teaching and directing the production for helping on trying to leave our constant crisis. 

We also have a physician and a dentist inside our little hospital (you can learn from it in the projects section), they help also our children with no cost for us  


Our children go to the near schools this way we try to insert them in a normal way in the society, only the children of 3 and 4 years pass classes in our community. 


The foods after our prays are received in a quite big dining room. 


Our life is always developed in the happiness of knowing that we can make it, and that we have time since we are alive. 


The smile of a boy inside our house is the entrance better world, we hope to have your presence some day. 

After the comunity creation more people arrived to the zone to live, this is a poor zone

Kids making homework from school

Boys proud of their work on the Bakery

Image of the Chicken workshop , but this was closed due to the love between the children and the anlimals