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For our community the creation of the workshops has meant the survival, on the base of them we have been able to survive, it is clear that until today we are not able to cover but the 20 percent of the expense of the community, but it is for us the fundamental weapon to maintain our dignity and to continue working, with the faith that some day we will be able to reach this so desired objective: the total self-financing. 


But the central objective of the formation of workshops is the children, to develop capacities to be able to be work in our society, and this way to be able to contribute a little bit in the development of our world. 


We consider at the same time that this productive formative work of shops contributes significantly therefore in the harmonic development of the children we reiterate that it allows us to SURVIVE WITH DIGNITY. 


The shops that at the present time count they are: 

Carpentry, Ceramic, Bakery and Hydrophone 


The workshops that we think about in a mediate future are: 

Printing (books) Workshop, upbringing of animals, seam Workshop, fabric Workshop, metal-mechanics Workshop, Workshop of motors to explosion and computing Workshop. 

Carpentry Workshop

Our carpentry counts with more than 13 years working and it is one of the shops that doesn't only generate certain quantity of resources, but also enables the children to work and gives them the possibility that in a future they can work as carpenters - cabinetmakers, our carpentry has machinery although not top of the line, but with certain technology that allows us to develop all type of works in wood excepting the carved ones  


Our activities in this Workshop are not only framed in developing the work in wood but also in trying to recycle wood in such a way that doesn't leave mistreating even more our environment consuming  trees. 


Inside this Workshop we have a teacher carpenter who is the master of the little ones, they enter in groups of 4 for 2 continuous hours, attempting this way to transmit their knowledge and the children to assimilate so that in a future with their skilled hands can make of the furniture an art. 


The carpentry generates very diverse revenues for that varied that it is its production, but basically the great function of this Workshop rests in that allows us to give the children labour therapy, where they are involved from the beginning until the culmination of a work. 

Ceramic Workshop

The ceramic as all the shops that we count is the base of our operation, since it allows us to generate resources, but this Workshop is dedicated to the smallest children mainly, because it works with clay and the minor with the ability of their hands can model this making interesting and significant figures and forms, this is very important in their development process. 


In this Workshop it is not worked solely traditional ceramic, but rather is carried out advertising ceramic for the big companies that operate in the local market, us, as any ceramic company try to accommodate our products competing trying to achieve that our products are accepted by the customers. 


We have lathes and a ceramic oven that allows us to do the work from the beginning until the culmination, having for it a teacher ceramist who is the one that teaches the children the art of the ceramic. 


The revenues that it generates the ceramic are very diverse for the characteristics of the commercialization of the ceramic. 

Workshop of Bakery

The bakery Workshop is the most important in our community, not only because it give us an occupational and labour therapy to the children, but because it allows that every day in our tables a piece of bread can exist for each one of the children, this marvellous workshop has sustained us during many years, and has become one of the symbols of the work we are doing with the children, now many of them already can at this time be considered teachers bakers. 


In spite of not having an appropriate machinery, we work arduously to achieve the more wanted and pleasant products, in this sense we have a traditional oven of brick and two machines that allow to mix and to cut the mass. Our work is practically handmade, but the results are very efficient; each year end we elaborate what is known as the Christmas Panetón (cake) in our country, which is offered to the companies and people that collaborate with us and this way we can finance many more activities inside our community, since the sale of this cake allows us many revenues that help to the community. 

Workshop of Hydrophony

The characteristics of the area we are is a nitrous sandbank because our land is near to the sea, and therefore nothing can be sowed in the floor that God has given us, therefore was necessary to find a way of sowing so that the children can have fresh vegetables. In this sense, we decide to build a hydrophone Centre where we have lettuces, celery, turnip, onion, beet, radish, spinach, bean grown on sand or stone or simply above water. This is allowing us to have the necessary vegetables for an appropriate feeding of the children, in spite of the fact that for moments this Workshop closes for invasion of mosquitoes, every 3 months we start again, avoiding this way the use of any insecticide. 


The hydrophone workshop is not economically  productive but rather it is productive formatively and in the feeding of the children it completes a primordial paper. 


The Workshop of  Serigraphy of recent creation is a Workshop that we believe that in some time it will be able to begin giving us its fruits, we could already print the first 100 t-shirts, although we don't have any machinery type we believe that we can make something to make this formative and productive Workshop for the children  


These are the shops that at the present time are working, we continue in the search of efficiency in the actual ones and we are searching for new ones, to achieve the self founding objective