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Project "Poors hospital"

Many years ago arrived to our community a boy who requested help to be able to live in our house, we spread him our hand so that he can have a worthier life, this boy with many desires of studying finished the school and he leaved very grateful our community. After 5 years of his exit of our house he invited us the year 2002 to his graduation as physician in a local public university, the happiness and the surprise flooded us and we were present in his graduation. 


Starting from that moment this boy, now man, requested to open a clinic for the children in the community to give the children a constant medical care, cheerful for this initiative we decide to open a clinic where all the children can have medical care, after 3 weeks of presence in this small clinic, we saw that we were not only assisting people of the children community, but rather a lot of people of the town came to be assisted. Our small history began this way. After 2 months our position was already to expand the attention to the town and to give more options, that is to say, dental attention and attention in general medicine; and it was this way that the Clinic MOTHER CORAJE was born. 


With more enthusiasm than another thing, we begun to elaborate in our minds the possibility to even have in a future a wide clinic that allows to assist the children and the town in general giving them dignity, in the illness. 


Our dear friend had to leave to make a specialty and it was this way the first fall of our small clinic, but with the speed that gives us the instinct, we hired two doctors who now work for the children community and continue assisting the near town. The people that live in the surroundings (very poor area) can be assisted paying a symbolic quantity (near to 1 dollar), if they don't have money they are assisted for free, we have the additional benefit of having free attention for our children  


We have a project for construction the "Poor's great Clinic" that will be able to assist  more than 3 million people that live in the north cone of our city, clinic that evidently becomes necessary to be able to assist so many people with problems of health, however this implies a great investment, we have the complete project, if you have interest in knowing about it, please contact us and we will send you the entire project 


God willing this dream can be reality and no more a dream, so we will be able to help those that more needs. 


At the present time it is highly important the construction of more workshops that improve or replace the actual ones to have better productivity.  



Printing shop (books) 

Smaller and bigger upbringing of animals 



Explosion Motors  



More houses

One of our projects is the construction of two houses or modules to receive 80 more children, these modules are built on 160m2 and they have 7 bedrooms for the children, a room, a bathroom and their respective showers, these two modules will be able to allow to give to more children a home. 


Another of our desires for the children is the construction of a chapel, it is obvious the impact of a place to pray in the development of the children.